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I started out with a pretty nice car but one with a bad frame. Took the car to a local "crook" who will remain un named who after 1-1/2 yrs ruined the car to the state you see in the photos on Ric's web site. I was fortunate to find Ric who picked up the mess. Ric told me he could make the car very straight. I thought it was straight already but after Ric finished with the GTO, I now have an appreciation of what straight really means ! The body prep work is perfect on the thing making the black painted quarters look amazing. The car is like a mirror. Cameras have a hard time focusing on the car because of the reflections ! It just can't be appreciated looking at a picture. Ric allowed me to go as far as I wanted (or as little as I wanted) to bring my ideas and dreams to reality. Everyone who sees this car loves it.
Ric: I'm glad we went with the black and silver ! Thanks for the great work & all the help at the shows !

Jeff Rink

The quality of the GTO judge restoration is the best I have ever seen. The best part is when you shut the doors, they feel like they should, they do not feel like a restore car. The car is amazing. You need to see it to appreciate the work that went into it.



That website is insane. What a plethera of unbelievalbe iron. You guys do some nice restorations. We are proud to be just a small part of such beautiful workmanship.

Eric Gardner
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